What is CSTORG ?

CSTORG is a API Service that allows you to get information about steam games, users, profiles, inventories, etc. without having to use the Steam API directly. Without Steamblocking your IP or Application. This site is not affiliated with Valve, Steam, or any of their partners. All copyrights reserved to their respective owners.

How to use the API?

To use the API, you need to make a GET request to the API Endpoint. You can find the documentation for the API Endpoints by clicking on the "API" button on the top of the page.

Example of using the API

Yes, you can found some exmaples in Github. You can find the links below.
PHP Package Python Package

More Packages will be added soon.

Example Projects

Here is a list of projects that use our API.
Example Project with Next.JS Steam Inventory Calculator

If you want to add your project to this list, you can write me a message on Discord.

How to get an API key?

To get an API key, you need to create an account with on our Website by clicking "Login with Steam". We dont store any of your Steam Data. After you have created an account, you can find your API key in your DASHBOARD (top-right) under "API Key".

Is it Free?

Yes, you have 5000 free credits per month and every month. You can use these credits to make requests to our API. All Endpoints having a different cost. You can find the costs in the table below.

What if i run out of credits?

You can write me a message on Discord and I will give you more credits or a another Plan based on your needs.

Base URL

The base URL is https://www.cstorg.com/steam/api/YOUR_ENDPOINT

How authentication works?

Just add your API key to the request. You can find your API key in your profile. For example: https://www.cstorg.com/steam/api/inventory?key=$YOUR_API_KEY

Best tools to use the API and test it

You can use Postman or Insomnia to test the API. You can also use the API directly in your browser. Just add the API key to the request. For example: https://www.cstorg.com/steam/api/inventory?key=$YOUR_API_KEY


All responses are in JSON format. If you get an error, the response will be show the error message.

API - Endpoints overview

Name Endpoint Description Costs
Items /steam/api/items Get all Items of a Game 500 Credits
Inventory /steam/api/inventory Get Inventory of a User 5 Credits
Profile /steam/api/profile Get Profile of a User 2 Credit
Item Detail /steam/api/item Get details of the Item 1 Credit
Steamid /steam/api/steamid Steamid Converter 1 Credit
Note: We will add more API Endpoints in the future. If you have any suggestions, please contact us on Discord.
Updated: 02/23

Supported Languages

Language original name API Value
العربية arabic
български език bulgarian
简体中文 schinese
繁體中文 tchinese
čeština czech
Dansk danish
Nederlands dutch
English english
Suomi finnish
Français french
Deutsch german
Ελληνικά greek
Magyar hungarian
Italiano italian
日本語 japanese
한국어 koreana
Norsk norwegian
Polski polish
Português portuguese
Português-Brasil brazilian
Română romanian
Русский russian
Español-España spanish
Español-Latinoamérica latam
Svenska swedish
ไทย thai
Türkçe turkish
Українська ukrainian
Tiếng Việt vietnamese

Supported Languages

Supported Games
Counterstrike Global Offensive csgo
Rust (not enoguh tested) rust
Dota (not enough tested) dota